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About Us


Our Story

Welcome to GOADOS - a place of susegado and ease, of adventures and whimsy. Built on the principles of the middle path - there’s never too much or too little at GOADOS. Here, there is no product to sell - just a lifestyle to adopt. GOADOS gives you the option to choose better - better for your skin, better for the environment, better for YOU.

If you’re still here, reading this, I want you to know that by embracing slow fashion you are ultimately investing in the ecosystem that sustains and nourishes you. The environment around us gives us everything we need to survive - it’s good to give back whenever we can and live in harmony always. With GOADOS, you fulfil that aspiration. Start now, start today.

I love that you’re here,
Sanah x

Our Campaign

Joie de Vivre/ Joy of Living collection SS21

Joy of living is the core philosophy of GOADOS. At GOADOS we don’t chase temporary highs or escape from our lows. We savour every feeling every moment of every day, no matter how mundane. You are as alive in this moment as the next. So just breathe, enjoy your own company and be happy because this right here is perfect- you are perfect. Let the feeling seep in.

Our Vision

To revive and sustain indigenous techniques, arts and crafts in a contemporary aesthetic and give our customers the best quality products.

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