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Amour Platonique/Platonic Love

In a world obsessed with passionate and romantic love, the idea of comforting and grounding love is often an afterthought.

This collection is a love letter to our amour platonique/ platonic love. In our world, soulmates are not found, they are strung together in promises, glances, and embraces. A place where love doesn't consume, but heals. 

Amour Platonique draws inspiration from the smaller things in life, from the butterfly on a rose to the mother-of-pearl harboring a gem. It is inspired by the curve of the skin, the softness of our movements, and the art of feeling safe in your soulmate's space.

The colors in this collection are vibrant, much like the mind when it's full of euphoria. The silhouettes are fluid and don't stop or restrict but act as a catalyst for your movement.

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