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  • The Wabi - Sabi Top is a boxy plunging printed shirt. This garment features a plunging slit in the center front and two patch pockets. The sleeveless and the hemline fall just below the knee. Pair this shirt with some leggings, or just rock it as it is. 

    It features an elaborate print in the back, created as a custom commission by Ishita Dasgupta as a limited-piece feature. The print is an original artwork created on an elaborate canvas using a mixed medium method. 

    The Wabi-Sabi Top (GOADOS x Ishita Dasgupta)

    • Artist's note:

      "The Wabi Sabi top is a manifestation of nature and the journey of becoming one with it while absorbing perspectives that allow the quiet corners of our mind to accept the passing of time, the impermanence of life while trying to even out imperfections, imbalances and turbulent contours that come our way.
      It is a process of slow healing, growth and the resurrection of dreams.

      When Sanah, the founder of Goados, reached out to me for a possible collaboration, I was extremely excited to bring the theme she had in mind to life. We met earlier this year to theorise how we could work together. By our second meeting, I was completely able to mind map all the aspects of the drawing. I remember coming down to meet her, with a palette and paper to decide the colours we could be using on the various elements. The fact that we could flow so well together, made this all the more worthwhile. “Wabi Sabi” is a beginning, and never an end, I hope beyond hope that you will enjoy it just as much as we did."

      This piece is gender fluid and gender neutral.

      It comes in a single size and we just have a few pieces in stock!

      Material & Technique:

      Handwoven Khadi & Screen Printing
      NOTE: This dress comes in a Freesize. 

      Wash Care:
      Hand wash and Machine wash only

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