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Platonic Love

Amour Platonique


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GOADOS believes in the true luxury of handmade styles using 100% handwoven fabrics. Our designs, cuts, silhouettes and pure fabrics define the tales of their maker. India’s rich heritage is conveyed in its premium handwoven sustainable textiles.

GOADOS contemporary designs will make you the highlight of any brunch/ soirée. The versatility of these pieces ensures that you can wear them on special occasions styled with the right accessories as well as everyday.

Platonic Love

Amour Platonique

In a world obsessed with passionate and romantic love, the idea of comforting and grounding love is often an afterthought. A love, that feels like the afternoon sun lazily shining on a lake, or the gentle waves of the sea at sunset.


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Clients Testimonials

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"it is super comfortable and easy to pair with any outfit formal or casual. Bonus points for sustainability."

Ananya C


Joie de Vivre Joy of Living collection SS21

Joy of living is the core philosophy of GOADOS. At GOADOS we don’t chase temporary highs or escape from our lows. We savour every feeling every moment of every day, no matter how mundane. You are as alive in this moment as the next. So just breathe, enjoy your own company and be happy because this right here is perfect- you are perfect. Let the feeling seep in.

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